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Sunday Illustration: Luongo

Sunday, May 30, 2010 posted by james

Needing a Sunday project and avoiding some chores I looked to busy myself with some illustrating. I was inspired by a press photo of the Canucks just before their fall to the Blackhawks. Given all the talk abou Luongo this image seems fitting. It reminds me of the well viewed image of Luongo raising his one arm in victory from his first post season with the team.

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The Hole 3D: Furniture Design

Sunday, November 22, 2009 posted by james

While I spent a large amount of my time filling Dane’s Sketchbooks I did also contribute to some of the set design – in particular I designed allt he furniture for the nightmare version Brownstone living room. With all the planes on the set warping as if in a funhouse, the furniture needed to follow suit. Top and bottom are my original drawings for the furniture and in the middle is a photo taken on set.


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The Hole 3D: Dane’s Sketches

Saturday, November 14, 2009 posted by james

In The Hole, the lead character – Dane – carries around a sketch book where ever he goes. I enjoyed my role as illustrator for these sketchbooks since I was able to lose myself in filling page after page of sketches of Dane’s surroundings, friends and family.

The illustration styles range form early sketch work through to pencil renderings to a sort of hall of mirrors distortion of reality that foreshadows some of the later scenes in the film.

Here are some examples of the drawings that adorne Dane’s room:


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The Hole Wins at Venice and Toronto Film Festivals

Friday, September 18, 2009 posted by james

Through the end of 2008 and early 2009 I worked on The Hole, providing illustrations for the lead character who takes his sketch books with him everywhere he goes.

The Hole is about a single mom and her two boys moving to a small town where the boys and their neighbour find a hole in the basement which unleashes evil to this world.

Given the current popularity of 3D films I’m excited to share with you that The Hole won best 3D film at the Venice Film Festival.


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Illustration: LA Kings

Sunday, October 19, 2008 posted by james

In Spring 2008 the LA Kings asked me to vectorize six images of their mascot. The illustrations were already completed by an excellent illustrator who had provided beautifully rendered and coloured images in Photoshop. These images were great but needed to be vectorized for use on t-shirts, and other screened or vinyl cut graphic applications. With the success of the first round of vector illustrations we completed six more in the fall of 2008.

Here are some samples of those illustrations:

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Rones: The Red Forest

Wednesday, August 27, 2008 posted by james
Rones: The Red Forest

Rones: The Red Forest

Four years in the making, Rones: The Red Forest received a limited press run in August 2008. This is the first chapter in the story about the death and life of the red forests of Tzarthanzia. The Red Forest represents my first full comic venture in over 5 years. This also represents the culmination of a digital illustration style that I have been developing since I first came up with the idea for this book back in 2004. I hope to post a link to an online version of this story soon, but if you are interested in obtaining a printed copy of the first chapter please email me at james@studiohelix.ca.

Excerpt from The Red Forest

Excerpt from The Red Forest

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The Corks

Thursday, October 19, 2006 posted by james

The Corks began as support characters in the Ronin Bu and Mez story, but spun off with a comic strip of their own because their popularity among our rather limited readership was astounding. Additionally we had some publications asking us for some strips to publish. Daniel MacKillican and I wrote and produced a half-dozen strips through 2003-2004.

Here’s the first strip we produced:

Corks 1: Sales Pitch

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Illustration: Mez

Monday, November 29, 2004 posted by james
Mex Promo Image 2004

Mez Character Study: 2004

Mez is a character I created and developed while in High School. The concept for the character is that he is a prototype war machine that never completed his systems setup, and so doesn’t know just how powerful he really is. He travels the galaxy looking for work. In the inaugural series he found work as a bouncer at a bar on one of the many alternate Earths.

This image created in 2004 is representative of the cartoony style I began developing that year. The drawing was originally a hand sketch which I then completed in Illustrator. The hard lines and colouring in illustrator adds to the cartoony and robotic look to these illustrations. I carried this style through to some of the more recent work featuring Bu & Mez, the Corks, and the 2008 Red Forest story.

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