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Sunday Illustration: Luongo

Sunday, May 30, 2010 posted by james

Needing a Sunday project and avoiding some chores I looked to busy myself with some illustrating. I was inspired by a press photo of the Canucks just before their fall to the Blackhawks. Given all the talk abou Luongo this image seems fitting. It reminds me of the well viewed image of Luongo raising his one arm in victory from his first post season with the team.

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Charlie St Cloud

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 posted by james

Charlie Title Shot

Through the summer of 2009 I worked in the art department of Charlie St Cloud. Among all the great tasks to be given I was asked to populate Charlie’s life with drawings of boats – in his cabin, in his work space, and in his sketch book. Most of the drawings will never see the screen, but I enjoyed spending much of the summer near the water.

I saw the trailer for the film last week for the first time. Looks good and I’m happy to see my drawings incorporated into the title shot!

The trailer for the movie can be seen on the Apple trailers page or at the official movie site:



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Celebrating Pitt Meadows

Thursday, May 20, 2010 posted by james

This book chronicles the history of Pitt Meadows from incorporation as a District in 1914 through to 2007 when the municipality was re-incorporated as a city. The book is edited by Patti Morris, Leslie Norman and myself.

The second printing of this book is hot off the presses and available at the Pitt Meadows Museum at 12994 Harris Road next tot he West Coast Express. Head to their website for more information:


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Pitt Meadows Book 2nd Printing

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 posted by james

It looks like we are going to a second printing of the book “Pitt Meadows: Celebrating the History of our Great City” for May 2010.

I originally conceived of this book in 2006 when working with the Pitt Meadows development services department. We were preparing for the municipality’s re-incorporation as a city and looking for ways to promote community involvement. The majority of the text is a re-print of Edith McDermott’s 1967 book “Pitt Meadows: Through the Ages”. The student essay entries lead off the book, and the history is rounded out by a chapter outlining the history of the Katzie written by Terai Short, and a chapter covering the entire history of the Pitt Meadows Municipality up to and including the re-incorporation written by Leslie Norman from the Pitt Meadows Museum and myself.

News on the release date when I hear back from the printer!


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West End Vision: 1401 Comox Development

Saturday, April 17, 2010 posted by james

This week I saw a number of articles regarding the changes going on in Vancouver’s West End. On the radio there were discussions regarding the changes and upcoming meetings providing residents with a forum to discuss their vision for the future of the neighbourhood.

So this morning I went for a walk through the wet and rainy West End, both in order to enjoy some fresh air and to see for myself what changes are going on and what community action may or may not be taking place. As always I enjoyed walking through this surprisingly quiet neighbourhood. When taking an architectural stroll I usually pick a few buildings and try to determine what the floor plan might be like from the visual structural ques and what factors helped shape the building. Today I spent as much time looking at the community notices posted by concerned citizens.

“The St Johns church on Comox Street is to be demolished to make way for a 22 storey tower with 180 units and a podium with 13 more town homes.” read the Development Application Sign, “There will be 81 parking spots for cars and an additional 323 for bikes.” All this is standard fare for signs of this type. But what was different in this case is the sheer number of postings, and slogans attached to the sign from community members against the development. These items made reading the sign almost impossible since they covered the information posted underneath. I know I come to this late in the debate, but I have since read some more about it this afternoon:

Georgia Straight article from March 11: http://bit.ly/b7AKK5

1401 Blog: http://1401comox.wordpress.com/

As I have long been an advocate of denser development I do like the idea of providing urban residences close to amenities and places of employment, but as a resident of downtown Vancouver and a fan of the quiet neighbourhood solace that the West End offers I am reluctant to see stark new development in the area. That said this wouldn’t be the first tower of this size in the West End. Some of my favorite towers in Vancouver are only a few short blocks away.

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The Hole 3D: Furniture Design

Sunday, November 22, 2009 posted by james

While I spent a large amount of my time filling Dane’s Sketchbooks I did also contribute to some of the set design – in particular I designed allt he furniture for the nightmare version Brownstone living room. With all the planes on the set warping as if in a funhouse, the furniture needed to follow suit. Top and bottom are my original drawings for the furniture and in the middle is a photo taken on set.


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The Hole 3D: Dane’s Sketches

Saturday, November 14, 2009 posted by james

In The Hole, the lead character – Dane – carries around a sketch book where ever he goes. I enjoyed my role as illustrator for these sketchbooks since I was able to lose myself in filling page after page of sketches of Dane’s surroundings, friends and family.

The illustration styles range form early sketch work through to pencil renderings to a sort of hall of mirrors distortion of reality that foreshadows some of the later scenes in the film.

Here are some examples of the drawings that adorne Dane’s room:


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Website: Wines of Argentina

Thursday, October 1, 2009 posted by james
Wines of Argentina

Wines of Argentina Website

Working in conjunction with Fluid Narrative we designed this contest entry form website for a wine tasting event in Vancouver, BC taking place on October 1, 2009. Check out the site while it’s still up and check back again for more information on upcoming wine  tasting events.


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The Hole Wins at Venice and Toronto Film Festivals

Friday, September 18, 2009 posted by james

Through the end of 2008 and early 2009 I worked on The Hole, providing illustrations for the lead character who takes his sketch books with him everywhere he goes.

The Hole is about a single mom and her two boys moving to a small town where the boys and their neighbour find a hole in the basement which unleashes evil to this world.

Given the current popularity of 3D films I’m excited to share with you that The Hole won best 3D film at the Venice Film Festival.


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Salmonbellies Celebrate 125 Years

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 posted by james

It’s been another fun year working with the New Westminster Sr Salmonbellies. This year  was very special since the team was celebrating it’s 125th year and the city of New Westminster has been celebrating it’s 150th! The Salmonbellies made us all proud winning their second straight WLA Championship before losing the Mann Cup in overtime of the 7th game.

Picking up on the celebration the ‘Bellies had a 125th Logo developed, and we ran with it – creating the season poster, programs, and promo materials again. From a design standpoint we worked to elevate the game materials beyond what we adopted in the first year. The programs are more visual and feature up to date photos from recent games or events. Even throughout the season we were still tinkering with the program and finally came to the visual versions seen to the right of the samples below:

We’re looking forward to doing this again next year!

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